Monday, August 2, 2010

Multitude Monday

461. Carrot cake...Charlie style

462. Birthday girl's carrot cake

463. Yummy desserts for all
464. Finding new recipes
465. Having old, tried and true recipes
466. Top secret recipes
467. Opening a cookbook and seeing ingredient-stained pages

468. 1st birthdays and birthday girl Cori
469. Tan lines on little ones
470. Watching the fun

471. First bites of cupcake goodness

472. Big bites of frosting

473. Little giggles and pure excitement
474. Fun new toys
475. Generous family and friends

476. Still wanting to sit in mama's lap

477. Friends to play with
478. Sprinklers and Slip-n-slides
479. Coolness on hot days
480. Being carefree

481. Joining the fun
482. Little feet getting steadier

483. Beautiful days at the park...
484. ...with beautiful children

485. Smirks
486. Slides
487. Swings

488. Seriousness
489. Peek-a-boo

490. Tough feet and getting around on our own

491. Little breaks
492. Resting in Him

493. Funny faces
494. Fun days with children
495. Lord's guidance in raising them

496. Marked up, highlighted, written in Bibles
497. Seeing scripture with a new eye

498. Grandma taking the time to take Charlie to Vacation Bible School this week
499. Charlie coming home all excited about new friends, new songs, and God sightings

500. Soon to be ripe sweet corn and melons from the garden

holy experience

God bless!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Beautiful list! So much to be grateful! Enjoyed my visit at your sight.

  2. Beautiful list Holly! And so are the pictures!