Thursday, December 31, 2009

NBW Horse Farm Services - A Year in Pictures - 2009

The Lord has blessed us in many ways over the past year...continued work, new opportunities, new customers and friends!

God bless!

2009 - A Year in Pictures

Praise the Lord for all the wonderful blessings of 2009!
God bless!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Multitude Monday - Week 3

holy experience

Ann's blog  inspires me every day! She writes beautifully and really makes you sit back and reflect on the wonderfulness of our Creator!  This link was one of my favorites from last week. I am really enjoying this counting my gifts. I know I am blessed and am grateful for those blessings. But it is awesome when you actually make an effort to list those things, just how many gifts you see!

5. Clean white snow

6. Learning to make "Snow Angels"

7. Garage sale snowpants and boots

8. Hand-me-down coats

9. Warm mittens

10. The equipment to move the snow from the driveway
(and the husband that does it)

11. Coffee...I love coffee!

12. Thermos and such to keep coffee warm

I snapped this photo and Joe started laughing. All I could say was...I need it for a blog post. And he says...I assumed that. Such a good sport he is. I believe this was night 3 of 5 in a row of snowplowing and hauling.

13. Joe's positive attitude...always a good thing to rub off on me

14. CHRIST...the reason for the season

15. His saving grace

16. His Word...the my language

I'm really looking forward to beginning the Bible in 90 Days Challenge. A new year, a new me...not really, just a better me!

17. Still dark mornings...just me, my Bible and coffee

18. Wonderful blog friends and their inspiration

20. The 2nd attempt turning out better than the 1st

Praise the Lord for daily blessings...don't let me ever forget them!
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God bless!

Friday, December 25, 2009