Friday, December 4, 2009

A little of this...a little of that...

So many little time.....story of my life!
Be warned.....I'm a little long-winded tonight!

I wasn't planning on it, but Cori got to try some "real" food the other day. She had been eyeing up Charlie's applesauce at breakfast, so I gave her a few bites. She seemed to like it and I left it at that. For supper, I had made squash and thought why not? For Cori, I diluted a little of it and mashed it up good. She chowed it down and actually got mad that I wasn't getting it in her mouth fast enough.


Happy fed baby!

How about a little bit of Charlie speak.....

About a week ago, she told me...that she was going to love me. I had to laugh.....not sure when that's going to happen, but nice to know that some day it will.

She also says that everything is kinda (fill in the blank).....Cori is kinda cute, that is kinda stinky, I'm kinda tired, etc. And she has this cute little tone to her voice. I can't explain it, but it is the cutest thing ever!

When you ask her if she is hungry, she almost always says.....yeah I want something. Again, not sure what that means. It's even funnier when you ask her a specific like.....Do you want an apple and she says.....No, I want something.

Love those eyes.....wish they were mine!

My computer died. Apparently, the mother-board crashed. I was able to save the hardrive and everything that was on it, but really wish I didn't need to buy a new computer. At least, we have the laptop so I can stay on top of some things while I price shop for another one. It was a good excuse today to not work on any business / paperwork type things.

What was I doing not in my office today? Well.....I made this.....

My inspiration was Amanda's "Faith Cake" found on her blog - click here.

I also made this.........

Taco of my favorites.

Both creations will be going with us tomorrow to celebrate Christmas with dad's family.

Speaking of Amanda, she has some great insights over at her blog. I've been meaning to write about this post about parenting from a few weeks ago. I'm just not getting to it! I love her thoughts about parenting intentionally and am really trying to be intentional in all aspects of my life.

I find that the more I stop and listen.....listen to God, listen to my Beloved husband, listen to my children.....the more I have understanding and peace in my day. It seems like such a simple listen.....but it is so important. All those important people in our lives should be given our time and attention regularly.....they deserve it!

So.....time and attention.....

I think my husband needs my intentional time and attention this Christmas. And I'm going to give it to him! Check out Amy's blog for the 12 Days of Christmas - SHMILY (see how much I love you) Style.

From Amy.....This involves an investment in your "drawer of many blessings" drawer as well... and yes, you SHOULD have one of these drawers, so make room (throw out some clothes if you have to... your hubby would rather see you in these anyway!) Start saving money and get your drawer stocked up! You'll be able to "recycle" here so the money you spend here is worth it in the end. You're investing in your marriage and that is never money wasted.

And more from Amy.....Stay focused on the wonderful and endearing qualities you love in your husband (just in case he upsets you... tee hee) and the wonderful gift the Lord gave you in your husband. Be determined to succeed in this wonderful "gift" to your husband and when things get tough, fight back with the strength of the Lord!

With all that, this is the last you will hear from me about our 12 Days of SHMILY Christmas adventures, but know I do think it is highly important to keep my husband loved now and always!

I have a million other things in my little head, but I best quit now! Sorry this is so long, hopefully a few of you are still reading. Check back soon for pictures and such from our first Christmas gathering tomorrow with dad's family.

God bless!

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