Monday, April 8, 2013

A Little Monday Update

Hello Monday!

These little ones make my heart sing!

Yes - I'm still pregnant. No - I won't be forever. 

The kids were able to spend Saturday night and part of Sunday with grandma Lu and papa Joe. They had a to go out for supper, out for breakfast and got to spend the night at uncle Gene's cabin.

I was able to get carpet shampooed and a couple of closets cleaned out...and was able to sleep in a little Sunday morning.

Between the middle of last week and over the weekend, we were able to get the rest of the greenhouse planted. Hopefully soon I will be seeing little seedlings popping up - potatoes, green beans, peas, sweet corn, tomatoes, peppers, celery, dill, cucumbers, melons, and more.

My hens are loving that the snow is gone and the weather has been warmer. They are making their way all over the lawn and loving that they can get close to the deck and to my compost bucket.

The cats may drive me crazy - I'm always kicking them out of the garage...but this morning they redeemed themselves. One caught and killed a rat overnight. They of course didn't eat it, but brought it to the front door to show off their handy work.

The pup, Hershey, may just be part cat. He seems to have 9 lives. After Joe dropped a post on him earlier this winter, he managed to feel better and be back to himself in less then a week. And over the weekend, he got into something and was looking very sickly - wouldn't eat or drink and just laying around. Two doses of penicillin and extra rest and he seems back to normal this morning.

We also butchered a 2 year old steer last week. This time we had a local man come out and slaughter him here on the farm, then he hauled him into the butcher for us. It was a great deal and we didn't have to spend a morning getting him loaded ourselves and hauling him in. I can't wait to refill the freezer.

Nothing is really scheduled for this week...maybe a baby??

Stay tuned.

God bless!

Thursday, April 4, 2013

What to do on your due date.....

.....plant the greenhouse of course!

My 'due date' was yesterday and I spent the day working, helping plant the greenhouse and answering numerous texts like - "baby yet??". will be soon.

God bless!