Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Greenhouse Photos - 07/07/12

First of the melons picked - July 2012
So yummy!

First watermelon of the season picked
This one weighed about 30 lbs. There were big and yummy. 
Early on we thought we were not going to have many watermelons. There just didn't seem to be many growing, but over night that seemed to change and we had them everywhere.

For weeks, every time a neighbor or friend would stop over I would send a watermelon home with them. We probably gave away about 20-25 and our family ate 1 or 2 a week all summer.

Today (09/18/12), there are still some out there and we probably have another 6-8 to eat yet.

I had about 90 hills of potatoes planted. We had already dug up a few hills for meals along the way.
This was he yield when we dug up the rest of the rows. I didn't take a real accurate measure, but there was approx. 300 lbs of potatoes from about 30-40 lbs planted.

We have some reds (not sure what variety) and a bunch of yukon golds (my favorite). 
Most just went into storage to eat later. I did make a few small batches of hashbrowns and french fries for for the freezer that turned out awesome. They actually both are gone and I need to make some more. 

I also have 'can potatoes' on my to-do list, but not sure that I will actually get to it.



These basically grow together with no path between as the season went.

Golden beets
These have long been picked and eaten. 
All my kids love beets, so we have been planting a few here and there.

This was cut a few times. I froze some, made pesto and gave a bunch away.

Second planting of sweet corn.
This went in where we dug the potatoes out.

Sweet potatoes

God bless!