Saturday, February 16, 2013

Six on Saturday

A few quick updates...

1. My not-so-little boy has been sleeping in a big boy bed since Wednesday night and is loving it! Now, if only I could get all three of them to actually sleep through the night.

2. Same little boy is also sort of potty training. If I let him be completely naked all day long, he would never have an accident. Just like the other little ones I've trained, he can go 8 hours with out an accident and then have 3 in a matter of an hour.

3. I'm in a cycle of over-doing it all day (nesting??) or not feeling like doing anything at all. I've managed to go through all the kids totes of clothes, cleaned out and organized both Joe and I's closets and donated about 8 bags of clothes in the process. I also pulled out the bassinet and a few baby clothes. But at the same time, I can't stay on top of the laundry or the dishes.

4. Puppy has been renamed by daddy - Hershey. Daddy also dropped a post on him last weekend and he was a limping hurting little guy for a few days. He is doing much better now and I'm guessing shortly you won't even be able to tell that he was injured.

5. I have gardening on the brain, even though it's been snowing off on on for the last week.  My plan is to get some seeds started indoors this has been on my to-do list for a few weeks already. I also need to sit down and plan out where everything needs to get put in the ground once it warms up. I do have some help lined up for this gardening season, but it will be a lot easier if I have a plan somewhat set up. It's kind of hard when you think of throwing a newborn into the mix.

6. The kids and I are off to Bible Study this morning and Daddy left to pick up a new to us big square baler for the upcoming haying season.

Have a blessed weekend!
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