Thursday, May 27, 2010

Charlie is 3

My oldest, dear Charlie turned 3 on Monday. In so many ways she is just like me.....quick to pout, stubborn, opinionated, and emotional and so much like her dad at the same time.....quick to forgive, always ready for a hug and always up for some fun. Oh time has flown by, it's so hard to believe she was born 3 years ago already. Our life and family has changed so much in that short time.

Helping me make frosting for her birthday cake. It was yummy!

My girl insisted on tractors for her cake. We compromised with a toy tractor. And we make a field and rows of hay to be baled with the frosting.

She couldn't quite get the candles blown out on her own. Daddy jumped in and helped her out.

She was having too much fun playing with cousins that she only opened 2 gifts and went back to playing. She finally went through and opened everything after everyone left. She received lots of new summer clothes. Her favorites were some legos from grandpa Mark and grandma Gretchen and flashy pink flip flops from grandpa Joe and grandma LuAnn.


Last week, we were in town to pick up a few more plants for the garden. As I was checking out, Charlie tells the cashier "I have underwear on!" The cashier didn't miss a beat and told her "Good job!", then looked at me and says "She must be 3."

She would follow her daddy anywhere!

Happy Birthday Charlie! We love you!

God bless!

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  1. Your children are beautiful. You are very blessed. You have a lovely blog, I am visiting from 60 seconds on Tuesday: ) Nice to "meet" you!