Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Multitude Monday

A few days late, but the counting continues.....

662. Girls helping in the kitchen
663. New, fun recipes
Homemade Poptarts

664. Flour covered fingers

665. Big sister love and kisses

666. Growing baby.....10lbs 4oz as of Monday 

667. Fun at breakfast

668. Everyone home and together at supper
669. Chiropractors...
670. ...all 3 children getting adjusted (and mama too)
671. Little baby drunken-milkie smiles
672. Ann's book - One Thousand Gifts
673. Dinner with friends
674. Hearing of more and more pregnancies and coming babies
675. Sunday afternoon naps...
676. ...Joe watching the kids and letting me take a nap
677. Cleaned and organized freezers
678. Meals in the freezer
679. Meeting new people at church

Counting with Ann.

God bless!
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