Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Joseph Jr. - 5 Months (Part 1)

Even though this is our third child, it still amazes me how quickly time passes and how fast the little ones grow up and change right before your eyes.

Joseph is rolling all over the place and definitely does not stay still for long.
He is also real close to sitting up by himself.
He's all boy and seems so much bigger than I remember the girls being.

He adores being entertained by his sisters and thinks every word out of Charlie's mouth is hilarious.

The last couple of months have still been a struggle and investigation into what is causing Joseph's eczema. The more I 'google', the more I talk to this doctor or that specialist, the more unanswered questions there seems to be.
One day he would look just horrible...red, weepy and sore.
And the next it would seem to be clearing up and be more dry and crusty.

As of last, we were thinking the underlying causes were mostly food allergies. Since then, we have determined a few more things.




About 3 weeks ago, we went to see another doctor that specializes in biofeedback. Very interesting...both Joseph and I were hooked up to the biofeedback machine and assessed. In a nutshell, it looks at all the different systems in your body, looks at your hormones, vitamins and minerals levels, etc. and can show where you may be deficient, have allergies, etc.

For Joseph, it showed he has issues with dust, mold and coffee. We saw the doctor on a Wednesday and that weekend (Fri-Sun) we were away from home camping. It worked out well, we were out of our house which I assumed was making Joseph sick. My housekeeping skills have been lacking more recently with the juggling of 3 little ones.

Amazingly, his skin cleared up tremendously over our camping weekend away. But, within a day or two of being back home, he was breaking out again and his poor little cheeks were red and sore.




I was at a loss again...wondering if the air in our house was really that bad. At that point, I scheduled to have the house professionally cleaned and to have the carpets shampooed.

So frustrating, depressing and discouraging. I will be back tomorrow with more of the story.
God bless!
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