Monday, July 25, 2011

Multitude Monday

Blessings overflow here at the Neaton ranch.
Everyday brings new challenges and new victories and we rejoice in it all.

777. New schedules, new plans, new organizing
778. Getting inspiration from others.....
779. .....Quinn, Stephanie, Nic, Lindsay and more

780. Smiling babe.....clapping hands

781. Growing and exploring babes
782. So close to crawling

784. New tooth smiles
785. Happy kids
786. Kids sleeping through the night.....even the babe

787. Parade watching in some shade
788. Hanging out with cousins

789. Hanging out with uncle Trav

791. Little ones getting big enough and strong enough to help with more chores
792. Big aprons on little girls

793. A great week at VBS
794. Hearing Charlie explain to Travis about Jesus and the path to everlasting life

796. Meeting sweet new people
797. Talking chickens, raw milk and Jesus

798. Husband working hard
799. Getting hay up before the rain

800. Sweet notes in the mail for Miss Charlie

Praying a blessed week for all!
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