Thursday, July 21, 2011


Stats as of today -


.....has his first tooth popping through
.....had chicken for the first time yesterday
.....has already been eating sweet potato, chicken broth, avocado, applesauce, pears, bananas, and peas
.....slept through the night for the first time (from 10pm to 6am and went back to sleep after nursing at 6am)
.....does not nap well
.....seems close to crawling
.....his skin is looking a lot clearer (will post more later on what has all been happening)


.....did not sleep through the night last night
.....still won't say more than the few words that she has been using forever
.....pooped in a swim diaper twice in the last 2 days my best napper (almost always get 3 hours out of her)
.....loves driving their little battery-powered car around the yard, but does not let off the peddle when she runs into something deathly afraid of the chickens
.....has scrapped up both knees about 10 times in the last week


.....wants the training wheels off of her bike loving VBS this week learning to drive the gator all by herself (just steering with dad running the pedals)
.....spent about 2 hours over the last couple of days in a time-out
.....talks constantly, always looking for the last word, always wants to read 1 more book or hear 1 more story
.....loves feeding the chickens scraps (and also a little scared of them)
.....can buckle herself in her carseat

Joe..... working his butt off, definitely will be pretty busy for at least the next month (4 fence jobs lined up, along with haying and other smaller jobs that always come along)
.....has put 500 miles on the Gator since we bought it in May thankful his wife has been making homemade bread again
.....has been taking great care of chores so I don't have to venture out in the heat with the kids to do them
.....does not like taking cod liver oil, but does because his wife wants him to


.....bought a new ice cream maker (can't wait to experiment some and will need to since I'm not eating dairy) starting a new schedule next week (cleaning, menus, school, work, etc) still not eating many things in an attempt to keep Joseph's eczema under control blessed with the extra weight that has come off because of it, but has almost no clothes that fit appropriately
.....needs to get in the garden - to weed, to mulch, to cut lettuce too lazy to get up and load photos to add to this post (will get them for the next one) thankful it's not soooo hot and humid today

Have a blessed day!


  1. OMG totally forgot VBS!!! Not even a little bit forgot!! Majorly forgot I am sorry!

  2. Great re-cap!  Love it!  I need to get back to bread making too.  It's hard when we are on the go so much.  I also just re-did my schedule.  Love that too!  AND am staring to meal plan.  I like it but haven't been following it as much.  It sure does help at the grocery store and when I feel blah, what should I make. :)

    Have a great day Holly!