Wednesday, August 31, 2011



1. My kids can both melt my heart and disgust me all in the same day. Yesterday, Charlie asked to lead the prayer at breakfast and asked if she could vacuum for me...melt my heart. Then later that afternoon, she wiped her nose all over her hand and preceed to lick the snot off her hand...gross.

2. Last night, we saw a fox walking out across the back pasture. A moment later, we saw the cow come running and chase the fox away. Cool to see how protective she was of her calf.

3. I realized I haven't taken a single photo in the last week and I don't even feel bad about it.

4. Charlie has been whining to have the training wheels taken off her bike. So, Joe took them off a couple of days ago and she wouldn't go near the bike...didn't even want to try. We ended up putting them back on for now.

5. Joseph is crawling all over the place. It is so fun to watch and I'm thinking it's time to put gates up at the stairs.

6. Joe and I got to go out on a date Saturday night. Thanks grandma LuAnn for watching the kids...especially the crabby baby that would not take a bottle. And she kept the girls overnight too...what a blessing!

7. I'm sick of picking green beans. It always seems like a pain in the butt this time of year, but am always glad come the middle of winter. We are going to dig up the potatoes over the weekend. My tomatoes are finally starting to turn red...if only the chickens would leave them alone.

God bless!

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