Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Miss Charlie

Miss Charlie turned 5 last week. 

We had decided we were not going to do a big party this year. Instead we are going to go and spend a day next week at the Children's Museum with a couple of her little friends.

The Friday before we had been invited over to grandma and grandpa Neaton's for supper. Dave, Kelly and Silas were in town and we were all getting together to visit. 

Grandma made pizzas and we brought birthday cake and homemade ice cream. It was nice to just have a relaxed evening together...and only a few presents...and I didn't need to clean my own house.

She picked Elmo again.
I was able to use some natural food coloring, 
so there was none of that nasty yellow5 or red40 chemicals involved.

It was a little windy...

Our newest cousin, Silas.

My silly girl!

God bless!

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