Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden & Greenhouse Update - 05/30/12

We are feeling extremely blessed that we have a greenhouse up with lots of yummy produce growing in it. The last week has brought about 9 inches of rain and if I would have needed to plant everything outside in my normal garden, nothing would be in the ground at this point.

I have garlic and a lot of onions planted outside in my normal garden, but that is about it. I'm not planning on planting anything else right now and by looking at what is already growing in the greenhouse, I'm going to have my hands full the way it is.

I do plan on filling in with other crops as we harvest what is already up and growing. As of now, we have garlic, onions, broccoli, strawberries, raspberries, and dill planted outside. I also just started some squash seeds in pots and will transplant them later on when they start coming up.....where yet I don't know.

In the greenhouse, we have planted.....

*91 hills of potatoes, some reds and a lot of yukon golds (I've actually dug up a couple of hills already and we had them for supper the other night.....yummy!)

*9 hills of watermelons

*6 hills of muskmelons

*10 hills of slicing cukes

*10 hills of pickling cukes

*about 60 tomato plants, variety of sauce and slicing/fresh eating ones

*about 60 pepper plants, variety of hot and sweet ones

*10 sweet potato plants

*4 rows of green beans

*16 rows of sweet corn

*1 row of carrots (I will reseed these as we pick them, there are some about ready)

*10 red cabbage plants

*1 row of lettuce

*1/2 row of spinach

*1/2 row of green onions

*1/2 row of dill

*1/2 row of celery

*1 row of broccoli

*4 brussel sprout plants

*4 cauliflower plants

We have eaten some potatoes and a few carrots already and we have been eating lettuce forever already. The first section of sweet corn is tasseling and ears are starting to form and the other section is about 2 weeks behind that. I will probably dig up some more potatoes later this give the watermelon plants some more room to grow.

05/30/12 - Slicing cukes
We will eat these fresh, make bread-n-butter pickles, relish and probably give a bunch away.

05/30/12 - Pickling cukes
These will be pickled. And thanks to my dear friend Lisa, I have a kick-butt recipe for dill pickles. Everyone gets pickles for Christmas.

05/30/12 - Pepper and tomato plants

05/30/12 - More tomato plants

05/30/12 - Carrots, cabbage, spinach, onions, and lettuce

My friendly garden snake.....hanging out in my potato plants
It's all my fault that the little guy is hanging out inside the greenhouse. He was outside the greenhouse a couple of days ago and when I saw him, I screamed.....he got scared and went crawling the other way right into the greenhouse. I haven't been able to catch him yet to remove him.

I have a feeling it is going to be an extremely busy summer, but I love it. 

The kids have been really good helpers with watering and weeding. Both the girls understand what a weed is and isn't and are willing to help pull weeds most of the time. Joseph is not a good weed puller, but does a pretty good job watering. 

God bless!


  1. I love your greenhouse.  I'm so jealous of your energy and organization!  I am not jealous of that snake... I jumped in my seat when I saw it!  haha... -Sarah Weseman

    1. That's funny...I'm jealous of all your fun playdates and crafty-ness. I'm not real excited about the snake either. I actually screamed so loud that Joe came running across the yard to see what happened.

  2. What an amazing project - all the plants are looking so healthy! I like your new header, too. :) God bless.