Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday at the Neaton Ranch - 06/04/12

Around the Neaton Ranch...We have been busy around here...same as everyone else.

On the garden front, the back garden is finally drying up some. I may have Joe till up a little more of it. I have squash plants started in some pots and realy have nowhere else to stick them. I need to do some massive weeding back there around my onions too and am planning on mulching them so I won't have to weed again. I also still have grape vines to plant, strawberry bushes to mulch and raspberry bushes to prune and thin.

We had a guinea fowl show up in our yard last week. Turns out that he (I think it's a 'he') did belong to our neighbors and they were unable to catch him when they recentyl moved out. Pretty sure he has adopted us. They are so loud, but are suppose to be really good at keeping ticks and bugs cleaned up...maybe even snakes, mice and rats.

We enjoyed a couple of graduation parties over the weekend...very fun to get together with everyone.

I even managed to get most of the lawn mowed over the weekend.

Listening to...washer and dryer running and smelling coffee brewing.

Moments of Gratitude...Wonderful blessings of greenhouse gardening, a dryer week, family gatherings, getting to see grandma so soon again and her doing remarkably well, little ones helping, busy fun weekends, getting to meet a 'blogging friend', the first Friday on the Farm, compliments from my dear auntie on my homemaking/mothering, smell of freshly mowed grass, unexpected rainbows

Reading...Still slowly reading through Don't Make Me Count To Three and Heaven in Her Arms. I also just picked up Be Your Own Doctor and want to get back to reading some of Educating the Whole-Hearted Child and Four Season Harvest.

Praying...Other's new beginnings - new marriages, new babies, graduates and new schooling. Parenting on the same page - children minding much better. Homeschooling plans for fall.

Home Learning...I spent a bunch of time last week looking at curriculum options for fall and still haven't decided, but the plan is to decide by the end of this week what we are going to do. In the last week or so, Joe taught Charlie how to drive the gator. Yesterday morning, all the children helped me dig up some much fun. It's like finding buried treasures. All the children are also learning to obey dad and mom better. The new rule of 'yes dad' and 'yes mom' is working wonderfully and the bickering and backtalking has been a lot less in the last few weeks.

On Our Plates...There will be homegrown salads at most of our lunches and suppers this week. I'm thinking grilled burgers and french fries for supper tonight. The rest of this week is up in the air...probably chicken on the grill, chicken stirfry, maybe tator tot hotdish.

Ahead This Week...We are planning 2 field trips this week - Minnesota Children's Museum and Oliver H. Kelley Farm. I'm sure there will be plenty of gardening happening - weed pulling for sure. The children are all staying over night at grandma and grandpa's on Friday night and Joe and I will have some free time with no little ones.

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God bless!

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