Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Book Review - Heaven in Her Arms

I received Heaven in Her Arms by Catherine Hickem through BookSneeze's blogger review program. I received the book for free and the following opinions are my own.

To start with, I actually never finished reading this book. I wanted to like this book, but had a hard time getting through it. I requested the book thinking I would get more of a biography / inside look at Mary. The book is more the author's attempt to relate Mary's life to the modern mom.

Each chapter starts with a scripture reference in regards to Mary and then goes on to relate the scripture to today and real mom experiences. I felt like the author really tried to stretch the conection. I would have liked a lot more scripture and less of the author's thoughts. I had a hard time following the flow of each chapter. They seems to wander off the actual scripture reference at the beginning of the chapter.

God bless!
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