Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Joseph - 19 Months Old

What a blessing it is to have a little boy around here...and so different then our 2 girls.

He has a love for all things with daddy...tractor rides, bobcat operating, feeding cattle and the likes.

Loves to swing just like his sisters and would much rather use the 'big kid' swing than the 'baby' swing. He does manage to fall off, but loves to get right back on.

He does great at the chiropractor. When it is his turn, he crawls right up on the table and lays down. It probably helps that the end reward is a mint all his own.

Mud...what kid doesn't love mud and getting dirty.

I asked him if he would share a bite of tomato with me...he said NO and ran away with it.
He loves tomatoes and cucumbers right from the garden and is a great all-around eater in general.

He may just talk before Cori. They seem to imitate each other a lot. Cori has called Charlie - da - for as long as I can remember and now Joseph calls both his sisters - da. It's quite funny to hear him walking around the house yelling for them...da, da, da, da...

...mouth full of teeth....

...still nursing a few times per day...

...sleeps through the night most of the time...

...comes and grabs your hand when he wants your attention and to show you something... the first to pray at most meals...
He grabs hands of whoever is closest to him, says daddy and them claps.

God bless!

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  1. Awww....your kids melt my heart! You are very blessed by the Lord with a good family. These guys are your treasure and how I wish my own son would behave when we visit a chiropractor sometime.