Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I'm not going to begin to try and remember exactly whats been happening the last 8 weeks, but here goes with a little bit of updating.

We had a baby...post below. Her big sister likes her most of the time. The first few days she didn't think we should feed her at all and it didn't matter if she was nursing or getting a bottle. She has gotten over that and I'm not saying...gentle, that's her head, don't poke your sister, etc. near as often anymore.

Praise the Lord business has picked up recently. The boys have been busy putting in fence, building and grading an arena, pasture maintenance and a few other odd jobs in between. And there are still projects on our schedule so we should be busy for awhile.

I feel like I'm busy, but couldn't really tell you what I get done every day. Some days I think all we accomplish is getting everyone fed and dressed. Actually, the girls stay in jammies all day sometimes! Makes for less laundry, right? Between cooking, feeding little ones, cleaning, invoicing, collection calls, banking, post office trips, park trips, etc...I have managed to harvest things from the garden and get some canning done...14 quarts of chili, 10 quarts of spaghetti sauce, 20 pints of salsa and a gallon of pickles and froze some green beans and sweet corn. I still have tons of tomatoes, peppers, etc so there is more to come in my future. You would never guess that there is anything growing out there amongst the weeds. I'll post pictures later just to show you how bad it looks.
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