Friday, October 23, 2009


Last week, Joe said the sweetest thing to me..."I feel sorry for you."

Let me backtrack a little. It had been one of those days...crabby baby, naughty toddler and just no fun at all. The weather had been horrible, so we had been inside for days and it just wasn't working between the girls and I. Joe got home and had very little time between then and when he needed to leave for a meeting. He told me to take 30 minutes to myself while he watched the girls. I jumped up and ran to the shower, being sure to lock the door! It was maybe 15 minutes from the time I got in the shower, dressed and was back down stairs...and Cori was crying and Charlie was still whining. As soon as I got to the kitchen, Joe said "I feel sorry. They were whining the whole time." Welcome to my world!! Oh well at least it's nice to be acknowledged.

October 12, 2009 - Snowfall. Charlie had a blast in the snow, even though she will not keep mittens on. Funny little girl says "Mom, snow is wet." Such a smart girl I have!

The weather here has been horrible...wet, rainy, gloomy, snowy, etc. I am still hoping for a few nice days this fall. We have yet to make it to the pumpkin patch...praying we can make it happen tomorrow. It is suppose to be dry at least, so we will have to see.

The girls seem to grow and advance more and more each day. Charlie just talks, talks and talks...really cool some days and really annoying others. Pretty sure that Cori is up over 10 lbs now. It seems like she nurses all the time. Charlie was the same way, more of a snacker. It's just harder this time because I'm parenting a 2 year old also.

The longer I am a parent the more I catch things being said here that I never thought I would hear. I mean seriously, who says "you can't go outside naked." on a daily basis. Me, that's who.

Hope everyone is well! God bless and lots of love from the Neatons! Holly


  1. I know how it is...just wait until you have that third one!

    Last week was kind of a crazy week...a hard week!

    We would love to have you three come over for a play date!

    So many thanks for the beautiful card you sent us! That was very nice of you to think of us!

  2. Hope you guys enjoyed your weekend! We would love to get together! The days just seem to run together sometimes and before I know it the week is over. Holly