Monday, July 19, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience

This is going to be a long, random list, but such great blessings I'm surrounded by every day!

421. This dear husband
I love him to pieces

422. Photos by Charlie

423. Growing melons

424. Ripening fruit
425. Daily harvests
426. Filling cellar and freezer for colder days

427. My job as homemaker and the time it provides me to do things for my family
428. The sweet smell of fresh baked bread...
429. ...and the first warm bite

430. Lovely dill bouquet from my dear friend, Lisa
431. First batch of pickles processed
432. Gallons of apricots from my sweet mother-in-law
433. Apricot jam, apricot fruit leathers, apricot grill sauce
434. Visits from neighbors...
435. ...bringing me more raspberries

436. My children's smiles
437. Their complete trust and quick forgiveness
438. Afternoons to play outside
439. Impromptu trips to the park

440. Up close face shots
441. Curls? (just maybe)

442. Dirty faces and messy locks

443. 'Why' questions from 3 year olds

Have a blessed week!


  1. All my lists are random and long....but that's the best isn't it? I love all your pictures this week! Looks like you have a photographer at your hands!

  2. Just beautiful Holly,
    Love Lisa :)