Saturday, June 22, 2013

Greenhouse - June 2013

Greenhouse photos from 06/17/13

The dill is monsterous...I must have planted a different variety than I usually do.

The tomatoes have grown like crazy the last couple of weeks and I spied a couple of little ones growing yesterday.

About half of the beets have been picked and canned...8 pints worth.
The kids usually eat a couple of carrots a piece each day.

The melons have pretty much completely filled in all those bare spots since earlier this week when I took photos. We also found a bunch of watermelon growing. They are about softball size already.

Sweet corn will be ready in no time.

We picked a huge bowl of cukes to make some pickles.
My dear husband put of the cattle panels for the cukes to grow up's working awesome and I love how it works.

Over the last week, we have picked a bunch of green beans and peas. I've froze 8 quarts of peas and 6 quarts of green beans. We are on our way to filling the freezer. takes a long time to shell peas, but they are worth it...yummy!

God bless!


  1. This is amazing...and you canning already, too...what fun to be "ahead" of everyone else in the county!

  2. I agree with Lisa....sure does free up August.

    I also happen to love the last picture. :)

    1. Thanks. I don't think August will be any less busy, but it does help to spread it out some.