Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cori - 8 Months

Cori is 8 months old already. The video below is her showing us how smart she is!

Cori clapping from Holly Neaton on Vimeo.

She had been clapping the entire morning and it still took me 30+ minutes to get this little bit of video.

She still has just her 2 bottom teeth and is loving eating any and everything you put in front of her. For breakfast this morning, she polished off an entire waffle and half a cup of fruit.

All the food really hasn't put a dent in the nursing department, but she will go a lot longer between feedings now. Which is nice for a sitter or at night. She does however make up for it at night if she misses out during the day because of a sitter or something.

Cori loves to put everything in her mouth.....paper especially. She loves to be outside.....swinging, crawling or just watching Charlie. She loves the cat.

She still rolls around a lot to get where she wants to go, but has started to crawl some.

Cori crawling from Holly Neaton on Vimeo.

Happy 8 months, little one! We love you!

God bless!
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