Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Our Day

We hit the ground running this morning.....

First up was chiropractor appointments for both the girls and I. They both do really well and Charlie impresses me everytime. She get right up on the table and listens to directions from doctor Ryan so well.

Then we headed to the clinic for check-ups for both the girls. We are not doctor seeing kind of people. I'm not a worrier and we are relatively healthy people and we don't no regular doctor visits.

Charlie had not had a well-child visit since she was 4 months old.....she is 34 months old. And Cori had not been in since she was 1 week old.....she is almost 8 months old. Both are perfectly healthy children and fall in the 25% - 50% range on the charts.....whatever that means.

If that wasn't enough running around for the morning, we then headed to Sam's Club and picked up some parts for Joe (who has been working like a mad-man this week).

Cori only napped in the van today, so she went to bed pretty early, but not before we spent a whole lot of time playing outside. The weather was beautiful! The sun was shinning! We needed no coats, no mittens, no boots! I was barefoot! It was something like 70 degrees today! Love it!

And I love a cute bonnet!

God bless!
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