Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yesterday We Said Goodbye..... Mr. Steer!

Granted we will say hello again in a couple of weeks, but he will be packaged quite differently. I think he knew where he was going. He did not want to go in the trailer.

Charlie and I have had a couple of conversations over the last week about the fate of Mr. Steer. She has went back and forth about it being a good thing. The talks have went something like this.....

Mom: Your cow is going bye bye, but we will get a new cow. A new little cow.
Charlie: I don't want a new cow. I want my old cow.

Mom: Remember, the cow is leaving and we will get a new cow.
Charlie: Ok. I don't want a new cow. I want a horse...that would be better.

Mom: The cow is going to be butchered and made into hamburger for us to eat.
Charlie: No, that's silly. We don't eat cow.

We do eat cow and like it.

God bless!
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