Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Week in Pictures

How is it already Saturday? As I type this, I'm enjoying a chai latte at a local coffee shop and the girls are over at grandma's. I love my children and love spending time with them, but a little time for me is always nice.

See yesterday's post for the fun we had at the zoo this week. It was great fun and a nice mid-week break.

I tried a new recipe this week.....

.....homemade english muffins. They are yummy!

Speaking of food.....Charlie always likes to help in the kitchen and is learning the art of tasting as you go.

My baby is getting so big. She got up on her knees and was real close to standing this week. She has almost figured out crawling, too. There is no stopping her now.

Cori has moved past baby food and would rather feed herself. It makes for a much bigger mess, but it does give me a chance to eat my own food during meals.

The big girl has also figured out how to drink out of her sippy cup. Good thing since she was never fond of a bottle.

And so smart she is, she knows what happens when mom gets the camera out.....even if the flash blinds her in the process.

Friday night and the week finally caught up with Charlie. Two minutes before this picture, she told me.....I'm tired, lets go to bed. I guess she wasn't kidding.

And this is the story of my life.....many things started, nothing ever finished, a little dirty, aging, messy mixed in with the sweet goodness.

Have a blessed weekend!
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