Sunday, March 6, 2011

Charlie - 3 3/4 Years Old

It's hard to believe we have an almost 4 year old..... almost 4 year old going on 15.

We are working on manners, being polite and realizing we don't always
have to have the last word (a trait she gets from her mother and I realize just how annoying it is now).

She is a wonderful helper in the kitchen...
...making cookies, baking bread, setting the table and doing dishes.

We have been working on a very little bit of 'school' and some days go better than others.
She will rarely say the alphabet all the way through or even count to 10 in the right order.
But it is more of a stubborn issue than a she doesn't know issue.

She loves puzzles and her Memory game.

She remembers everything and can relay a conversation from weeks ago...
...kind of scary!

God bless!

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