Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lent 2011

I am not nearly as prepared for Lent as I would like to be. I did go back and look at my plan from last year...more to get an idea of what worked and what didn't. My fast last year from Facebook and Twitter went well. I actually never went back to Twitter. I don't remember exactly, but I'm sure I failed on the fast from Internet on Sundays. Since last year, I have reworked my schedule quite a bit and had been getting up before everyone else and spending time with my Bible and Him. The early rising all went away at the end of my pregnancy with Joseph and hasn't really returned.

I feel like I constantly struggle to fit it all in. Right now there are days that everyone gets feed and clothed and that's it. Lent this year will probably be more difficult with Joseph still waking a few times a night and we are currently struggling through some major eczema issues. So, I'm going to be realistic and fit some of the things I'm already doing into my Lenten plans.

Plans are...

Fasting -
No Facebook.

My original plan was to give up snack foods and excessive snacking between meals. I feel like I am hungry all the time...nursing a little one does that to me. I haven't snacked really since Sunday besides fruit and veggies between meals, so I'm thinking I will just continue this at least through Lent.

With Joseph's eczema, which seemed fairly cleared up last week and is now back and really bad again, I've been eliminating foods here and there, but haven't been real good about it. So what better time than Lent to be serious and sacrifice for my child. He looks so rough, it makes me sad. This dairy, no wheat, no soy. I'm also doing no eggs and no least for a few weeks. I know dairy is affecting him, but it seems like something else as well, so we will see. This will need to be an ongoing sacrifice as long as I'm still nursing.

Prayer -
I will be consistent with bedtime prayers with the girls and would like to start praying with Joe daily. I'm already working on getting some individual devotional time in each day as part of my 100 Days.

I'm thinking, we should have friends and/or family over a few times during Lent for a meal, dessert, fellowship, etc. I think I'll plan on 3 or 4 times during Lent.

Have a blessed season as we prepare for Easter.

God bless!

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  1. Excellent list Holly! Good to be realistic with a brand new baby. You are sacrificing a lot as it is right now...sleep especially and your food list looks hard. Would there be chance something with laundry or lotion is affecting him? Praying for recovery from eczema and for you and your family to have a blessed Lenten season. :)