Monday, September 26, 2011


This girl and her curls just melt my heart.

Our often quiet middle child is starting to assert herself.
As in.....slamming doors, throwing toys and having tantrums.

She also loves her siblings and is often trying to pick up her brother. It's quite funny because he weighs about as much as she does.

Ohhh that cute little undie covered butt.....
I've pretty much given up on potty training right now. She is very inconsistent and I am sick of doing laundry. We will try again in a month or so.

Joe found her like this around 5pm last Sunday night. It had been a long day with Joseph's Dedication at church and day of playing with her cousins.

God bless!

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  1. Very cute last picture.  Again, reminds me of my Sophie.  :)