Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friday on the Farm

Through our sweet neighbors, The L's and their wonderful girls that babysit for us, we found out about Friday on the Farm.

The Housmans are the nicest people around and it has been a pleasure getting to know them better this summer.

My girls love to make the trip to Dassel every Friday. I'm pretty sure Charlie would move in there if they would have her. It's never a quick trip for a little produce, but more like a adventure to the rural zoo.

They have a wonderful market building where they sell homegrown organic produce, fresh eggs and milk and lots of yummy baked goods. In recent weeks, they have been pressing fresh apple cider while we have been there.

After we make our purchases, we head off towards the barns to see the goats, sheep, kittens, bunnies, and chickens.

They are always willing to answer questions and let you peek inside their lives and doings. Charlie loved it when she got to go and check out 'the playhouse'. And I was thoroughly intrigued to get a look inside their outdoor root cellar.

Charlie, Cori and their friend Grace

Mike Housman and helpers pressing fresh apple cider

Market Building

Only one meltdown...not too bad.
She was scared of the chickens.

Grace helped collect all the eggs

Fresh cider
And yes, Charlie did dress herself.

Lucy the goat

God bless!


  1. Yeah for Friday on the Farm! :) 

  2. Okay.  I need some details on this Dassel farm.  Can anybody go?  Or this VIP only?   invite me :)  -Sarah Weseman