Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On My Mind Today....

Really pondering this today and praying that those I love also know that in Christ they too are BLESSED, CHOSEN, ADOPTED, ACCEPTED, REDEEMED, AND FORGIVEN!

Someone recently mentioned being holier than thou and it caught me off guard and I had nothing to say at the time. But now, all I can think is how unholy I am. I strive for holy every day and every day I fail because I am a sinner. There is no perfection in this human soul.

But God...He is Almighty. He has redeemed me! He has saved me! He grants me new grace and mercies every day!

Praying you all are able to feel the Lord's presence and unending love today.

God bless!


  1. Beautiful Holly!! 

  2. This could be a very deep subject.

    You could take it as a compliment, that you are being as holy as you can be (yes we all sin & I think when we try to be most pleasing to God we dislike offending him and acknowledge our own sinfullness and beg for His mercy), after all called to be saints. And also you could take it as a compliment that you are trying to live your life accoring to God's will & the 10 Commandments (that we are all called to).

    Also, it would seem as if the person who said this to you might be struggling with their own faith or lack of? And maybe your obedience to God hurts them for their own lack of obedience?

    Either which way Holly, you live a beautiful life filled with faith and you are raising children whom God has entrusted to you to bring them back to Him. You will be rewarded.

    Many blessing and prayers for the person who hurt you.

    In Christ,


    1. It wasn't exactly directed at me, but got me thinking about how blessed I am and how sad it makes me to see others not realize they could have this too...particularly those I love.

  3. Beautiful post. Love always, your little brother