Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Joseph!

Our Joseph turned 2 on December 26th, 2012.
The last 2 years have went by so least it seems that way. It's probably because we just have more going on around here.

He is talking like crazy and quick to repeat everything he hears. 

Like a typical boy, he loves all things with wheels...tractors, bobcats, trucks, cars, etc. 

I think his second favorite thing is to be naked. He is constantly taking his clothes off diaper and all. 

This may just make potty training easier though. He has been wearing underwear off and on for the last week, with varying degrees of success. One day he will go 5 hours with no accidents and use the toilet numerous times and the next day he has 3 accidents in the first hour of wearing them.

Not that it was a very nice gift from mama...but I weaned him earlier this week just after his birthday. He is still asking for milk everyday, but also drops it rather quickly when told that there is no more milk.

At nap time yesterday, he asked for 'milk time'. I told him I didn't have any milk anymore and he would need to have water instead. His response was 'buy more?'

Happy birthday Joseph!

God bless!


  1. Time sure does fly!  Happy Birthday Joseph!

  2. What a handsome little guy! Did he get to eat that whole roll of Mentos? What a cute cake idea..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO-JO!!

    1. He did polish off all the mentos...I think they all did that same day. I'm pretty sure my kids almost love all the little things in their stockings more than their bigger gifts.