Sunday, January 20, 2013

Multitude Monday - January 21st, 2013

There has been a wide variety of excitement around the Neaton ranch this past week.

There was a rooster attack. He managed to scratch my leg pretty good, even through my jeans. His days here are numbered.

Joseph has finally come to grips with being weaned. It's been about 3 weeks and just this past week he finally stopped asking for 'milk time' and stopped throwing a fit at bed and nap time. It's such a blessing to have one less battle around here. Tonight I brought him to his room and laid him down and the sweet little one says...'cover me up, night mom.'

We also brought home a cute little puppy on Saturday. Joe and the kids had went and picked him out about a month ago and Joe went and picked him up this weekend. We have been talking about him off and on for the last month and the kids kept going back and forth on wanting him and not wanting him.

I'm pretty sure everyone is thrilled that he is here now. He has seemed to have had numerous names over the last couple of days, but think everyone has settled on - Buddy.

Dirty faces make me smile!

Other blessings...meals stocked away in the freezer, the start of greenhouse prepping underway, Friday night dinners with friends, Netflixing movies and no commercials, ordering groceries through Amazon, phone calls and chats with friends.

The week ahead includes a midwives appointment (30 weeks already), a meeting with an insurance salesman and a final Christmas party.

Joining Ann...

God bless!


  1. Cute puppy!  Looks like a little chocolate lab in him?  You'll be busy! 

    Love the list of blessings & I hope your leg heals quickly....nasty little rooster!

    Time is flying by!

    1. He is supposedly a springer/german shepard mix and busy is right. It's kinda like having a newborn...sleeps all day and up whining at night.