Monday, June 28, 2010

All About Miss Charlie

There is something about this first born of mine. She makes me laugh and smile and scream and cry.....sometimes all at the same time.

She is learning to be gentle with her newest playmates.

She can go...go...go and then fall asleep at the drop of a hat. And don't ever wake her up from a nap, you will regret it.

She changes clothes a million times a day and loves to wear mama's shoes around.

She is beautiful!

She says the funniest things and she says them often.

We were at a wedding Saturday night and she made herself right at home on mom's friend Sarah's lap and proceeded to ask a ton of questions, all followed by more "why" questions.
What's your name?
Why are you here? 
Who is that guy?
Why are you not a mom?

While in the restroom, she asked a couple of bridesmaids.....
What's your name?
What's her name?
Those are pretty dresses!
Why did you go potty?
Did you wash your hands?

When we got in the van to head home, she says.....
That sure was a cute wedding!

We are also working on better listening and behaving with Charlie. All of which has improved in the last couple of days after I changed my attitude and practice in some things. I'm saying things once, rather than repeating myself a dozen times and just hoping and praying that she will listen.

I was all about to brag her up about how well she has behaving.....which she had been. And I was typing this.....she peed all over the couch because she was too lazy to get up and go to the bathroom. That was the end of her evening and she went straight to bed after that.

We are also dealing with a skin rash that has been coming and going. I'm pretty sure it is an allergic reaction to something she is eating, maybe something that she is touching or playing with. I thought I had it figured out.....milk (which she had issues with when she was younger, but was seeming to tolerate now). The rash had been pretty light this morning and this evening was horrible again. Do you know how hard it is to remember everything she had eaten today?

My thought now, Yellow 5 food dye.....which really bugs Joe and I had eliminated from our house.....but she had a yellow sucker when we were at the coop picking up some things for Joe today. I was explaining to Charlie that I thought the yellow sucker was causing her rash and that it was the Yellow 5. The conversation went something like this.....

Charlie: Mom, I will have a pink one next time.
Mom: I don't know that a pink one is any better.
Charlie: Pink suckers don't have yellow 5. They just have pink 5 and that won't make my skin red.

Always working the system that little girl of mine!

God bless!

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  1. We must be on the same vibe....Henry went to bed early last night as well. For different reasons but he was done. I didn't really expect that he'd fall asleep at 6:30...but he did. AND he slept until 7:30 AM.....must have needed it.

    This is a thought on the skin rash....kittens? Or something else she's coming in contact with?

    Great post! I've also been re-thinking my parenting....eye contact & asking once like you said. Luck to both of us!