Friday, October 1, 2010

Cori - 14 Months

Time flies.....hard to believe my baby is just about 14 months old.

In no particular order.....

*no more walking, pretty much running everywhere

*another tooth for a total of 9

*hears the word 'outside' and brings you her shoes and coat

*sleeps through the night but is usually up by 6:30 am

*can throw a tantum with the best of them, throws toys when she is mad

*will sit in the corner with her sister when Charlie is in a timeout

*favorite person is still mama, but does well with others when mom is not around

*still nursing until today...put her to bed without and am thinking this will be the end

*eating like a horse, will still eat almost anything and wants to eat anytime someone else

*loves her kitties and drags them around until you tell her not to

*will sign 'please' and uses it well when she really wants some thing

*loves to hug and kiss (more like blowing rasberries) my belly/her baby brother

*loves to be doing whatever her sister is doing

*uses silverware pretty well

God bless!
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