Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Whole Bunch of Links

Here are a whole bunch of links from the last couple of weeks that I thought noteworthy. Hope everyone is enjoying their week.

Food and Health.....

5 Foods Women Should be Eating  - Kitchen Stewardship
         Great ideas and fat is not bad (good fat that is).
Meeting Joel Salatin - Keeper of the Home

The Production Myth - Eclectic Edibles
         Some good insight and thoughts on GMOs and the likes.

Why we will skip the flue shot - Sorta Crunchy
         We are a non-vacinating family and will do/are doing a lot of these same things to stay healthy.

Attitudes Toward Sugar - Keeper of the Home

12 Medical Myths - Dr. Mercola

Inspiration and Faith.....

I Am Here Where My Feet Are - Sorta Crunchy
           "Your ministry is where your feet are."

Love Like That - In Courage

When You Are Feeling Nervous - A Holy Experience

The Only Hunt That Will Ever Feed The Hungry - A Holy Experience

Just A Minute - Jenny

God bless!
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