Sunday, October 3, 2010

Multitude Monday

holy experience
I know I am truly blessed each and every day, but too often get caught up in the every day of life and don't notice or pay attention to those small-yet-large everyday blessings...the blessings that make my life and encompass all that I am.
I am going to start keeping a journal of sorts out on the counter give the daily praise to remind me to live in that state of live beyond me.
533. Fun-filled weekend with the family

534. Time alone with Joe and reconnecting
535. Saturday afternoon massages
536. Quiet ride home
537. Time to recuperate

538. God's timing in all things
539. Meeting neighbors for the first neighbors
540. New babysitters and their flexibility (homeschooling families rock!)
541. Encouraging and supportive words from Joe
542. Reminders to enjoy this current season of my life
543. Growing baby boy 
544. Feeling good days and not-so-good days
545. Baby name talks
546. Big sisters loving on their baby brother in my tummy

547. Orchard visits
548. No rain, beautiful weather all week
549. Menu planning
550. Approved new recipes

551. Found free time

552. Girls behaving at church
553. Encouraging words from other moms at church
554. Hymns and sermons that hit you just where you need it

555. Sunday night movies with my beloved husband

Have a blessed week!

1 comment:

  1. Wonderful List Holly!

    I too am going to keep a journal out. I found the perfect one for me that has scripture verses, etc. along with room to write your daily blessings. So excited to to get.

    Again, awesome list!

    See you Wednesday!