Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Just Because.....

I was looking over a bunch of old photos and can't believe how much things change from year to year.

Thought I would share.....

July 2008 - Charlie and mom

July 2008 - Charlie

July 2009 - Charlie

July 2009 - Mom and Cori

August 2009 - Cori

June 2010 - Cori

June 2010 - Charlie

December 2010 - Joseph

June 2011 - Charlie, Cori and Joseph

God bless!


  1. Oh how fast the time goes......I was doing the same thing yesterday via slideshow on my computer.  It's a bittersweet...time escapes us.  I guess that's why living right here right now and really seeing our blessings is key!

    Wonderful family you have Holly!

  2. Hi Holly,
    I'm slow to come over and say Hi--sorry about that. You have a lovely family! Darling kids. Love the photos.  Yes, they change so fast.
    By the way,  I know Lisa L and so I feel in a little way like I know you (friend of a friend? and all that).  Also, I want to say thanks for coming over and following my blog--so nice.  (After my move to WordPress tomorrow, please keep coming over, ok? I don't want to lose anybody!)
    I saw that you were also the fortunate winner on Raising Homemakers of the Mallys package! How wonderful! Congratulations.
    Well, just thought I'd come over and say Hi. (Sorry for the complete randomness of this comment.)