Monday, June 13, 2011

Updates on the Little Ones

A whole bunch of rambling for you.....

Cori has been moved to a big girl bed and is sharing the bunk beds in Charlie's room. So far, this is only working for bedtime. I've tried a couple days in the big bed for naps and she doesn't stay put, so she is still napping in the crib.

Not really a big deal, since Joseph is still in our room. He normally naps on the couch or my office chair depending on what my schedule for the day is. At night, he starts out in his own bed (pack-n-play) and ends up in our bed for the majority of the night. He is still getting up a couple of times per night to nurse.

He is sitting up by himself and can make it all the way across the living room when he gets rolling. No teeth yet. But in the last week he has had a few bites of applesauce and a few bites of sweet potato. Both went over fine, but he has a bit of a gag reflex that neither of the girls really had.

We are still dealing with skin issues. It seems to go in a cycle.....2 weeks bad, 1 week good, 2 weeks bad, 1 week good, etc. I'm not sure what caused this current breakout, but I know for certain the last breakout was due to dairy. The worst looking spots are still his cute little cheeks. His hands also are pretty rough and his chewing on them and drooling is not helping. I still think that the more I get my body back to working properly, the more his little system will improve too. (I'll update me in a separate post)

Even with all the issues, he is still growing like crazy. I haven't weighed him in awhile, but I would guess he's up to about 18 pounds. He and Cori are wearing the same size diapers if that is any indication.

I would love to only have one in diapers, but not really sure when that will happen. I think I missed a window to train Cori. She used to come and tell me when she needed to be changed, but recently has stopped doing that. She does like to copy everything her big sister does, so that might be the answer.

She is still not saying a lot of words, but gets her point across really well. Her motor skills are excellent though. She can normally get her pants on and her shoes on by herself. She at least always tries to do it herself, saying 'me, me' the whole time. 'Me, me' is her most said word.

I'm pretty sure one of her favorite activities is to bug her big sister. They play really well together one minute and the next they are trying to kill each other. I can't wait until they are 13 and 15.

Charlie is a little mini-me and it is so scary, depressing, funny and aggravating at the same time. Pretty sure God gives you one just like you to remind you that He is in charge. She is emotional and irritable some times and I'm noticing more and more how diet is playing a role in her behavior.

Her memory amazes me every day. She can see or be told something once and will recall it days, weeks or months later in a relative context. She will now count and say her ABC's for me without skipping a bunch or arguing about it. Her imagination is always woprking a million miles an hour. One minute she is at school, the next she is camping and the next she is chasing alligators and it goes on and on.

They all are loving the nicer weather and could spent all day outside. Both the girls have built up nice little  tans already. And you can tell we are outside a lot.....pretty much daily bathes around here.

And because, what would a post be with out pictures.....

Charlie...4 years old...our resident clothes-changer.

Joseph Jr....5 months old...our resident drooler.

Cori...almost 2 years old...our resident tractor rider/driver.

God bless!


  1. Lovely photos and cute captions, too!

  2. Very cute!  Love the pictures.  We also have Sophie in a big girl bed and all kids in one's actually going really well.  Phashing out of naps...good/bad with that.

    Great to have an update!  See you in a couple of days!