Sunday, October 9, 2011

Multitude Monday - 10/10/11

I read this on facebook yesterday.....

.....and it got me thinking.

I was reminded that EVERYTHING we have is a blessing from God and that I don't thank Him enough.

My renewed attempt to thank Him for it ALL.....

847. Baby boy learning to crawl up the stairs by himself...
848. ...and doing it well many times over the last few days.

 849. The girls spending all morning "grocery shopping" from the pantry...
850. ...finding sweet potatoes and onions in the living room.

851. Little brothers getting into the fun
852. Garlic

853. Watching little Miss Cori vacuuming...
854. ...and her doing a great job.

855. Big sisters
856. Chubby baby legs

857. Tuesday afternoon tractor rides...
858. ...daddys who takes the time for his girls.

859. Sibling love through it all...
860. ...even finger-printed up windows

The Lord has blessed us so much and sometimes I forgot in the everyday stuff of dirty floors, dirty windows, dirty dishes, dirty kids...

Thank you Lord for it ALL!

God bless!


  1. fingerprints on the windows- evidence of life!  lovely list today.  family is such a gift!

  2. Love the tractor picture....priceless & timeless. :)