Sunday, October 2, 2011

Menu Plan - Week of 10/03/11

My friend, Tina and I were talking the other day about many things food related and she suggested I blog more about food...about the how and why behind what we feed our family. I'm thinking I will blog some over the next couple of months about our journey to a more healthy, real food diet, the why behind what we do and do not eat and where I compromise when it comes to food. For now, I'll start with this weeks menu plan.

The list below is supper meals. Weekday breakfast and lunch are usually fairly low key. Breakfasts for this week are waffles, egg sandwiches, smoothies and bacon, oatmeal, granola and sausages, muffins and fruit. Lunches will be pancakes (from the freezer), chicken salad, hot dogs, sandwiches and leftovers.

Monday 10/03 - New crockpot recipe (sausage, sweet potato, apple and spices), brown rice, green beans
Tuesday 10/04 - Burgers on the grill, butternut squash fries, veggie
Wednesday 10/05 - Beef Stroganoff  (I loosely follow this recipe) over brown rice, lettuce salad, veggie
Thursday 10/06 - Chili and Lentil soup (both from the freezer), beer bread, lettuce salad
Friday 10/07 - Homemade pizza, lettuce salad
Saturday 10/08 - Cod, homemade french fries, veggie
Sunday 10/09 - Apple Chicken Stew, lettuce salad

What's cooking at your house?

God bless!


  1. Hi Holly! 

    Here's what's cooking at my house this week.....

    lasagna (cooking two batches, freezing one)  I used regular store bought box noodles but try and make sure my sauce is authentic.
    PW Mac n' Cheese (again boxed noodles) & breakfast sausauge (Ittel's meats)
    Your Beef Barley Soup
    And open one night. 

    Open for improvement,


  2. Sounds delicious! I have never made PW mac & cheese, but have made a lot of other things of hers and they are always good. Don't worry about boxed noodles...I'm so not making my own noodles over here. Have a great week!