Sunday, October 23, 2011


We have been talking about buying / building a greenhouse for the last couple of years. We plant a fairly large garden, but have always thought it would be nice to be even more self sufficient. I'm looking forward to being able to extend the growing season and spread some things out so that I can spread out the preserving I do.

Earlier this fall, we found a new greenhouse on Craigslist and bought it. We loaded up the kids and headed out on Sunday afternoon to pick it up. We went intending to buy a 30 ft x 50 ft and ended up buying a 30 ft x 96 ft. It looks huge, but I have a feeling we will have no problem utilizing all the space. 

Getting loaded up for the drive home.


Staking and measuring out the spot in the yard (and yes, Cori is pant-less).



Putting some tile-line through the front yard.


Putting in the retaining wall where the back of the greenhouse will be.

Spreading lovely black dirt and compost.

Main structure going up.

Girls helping.


Back wall up, a bunch of the bracing and purlins up.

Front wall on.

Today, Joe finished up the rest of the channeling on the front wall and is working on putting the large garage door on for the front wall. Then we pretty much have just the installation of the exterior plastic and a few smaller odds and ends.

And I need to do some major planning, etc. for future planting.

God bless!


  1. Awesome!!!! Happy Planning :)

  2. Very nice Holly!  We were in a greenhouse today that was full of tomatoes.  I thought of you and all that you will have in your new greenhouse!  Happy Planting. 

    PS.  We loved the pickles!  Thank you!