Monday, January 18, 2010


Where did the last 2 1/2 years go? It amazes me that I have this big little person to spend my days with and that she is always talking. We were talking the other day about getting ready for Kelly's bridal shower and Charlies says...'No shower mom, a birthday for her wedding dress.'

Charlie and a bunch of her babies...all who have been named 'broccoli' recently. I was rattling off a bunch of girl names for them the other day and Charlie didn't think any of my names would work because...'those are people names and this is not people, its a baby.'

Last week, we started a more formal school/craft/project time. We started with the letter A and a scripture memory beginning with A. It's been fun and she seems to enjoy it. Last week's verse was - All we like sheep have gone astray. Isaiah 53:6. She did great and had the first part down the first day and will finish it easily with a little help. About midweek, I asked her if she remembered her verse and she said...All we sheep have gone to sleep. I gave her an A for effort and it was pretty close with no help from me. Since I started reading the Bible in 90 Days, she will come up to me when I'm reading and ask to hear from Jesus. One morning she sat with me for 10 minutes and listened to me read a bunch about old testament sacrificing.

We made cinnamon rolls and she liked them!

She was looking at her daddy it! A final Charlie funny from last week...'Mom, my mango taste fruity.'

God bless!

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