Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Little Update

Cori at Christmas with my sister, Jessica.

Cori is just a few days away from being 5 months old. I can't believe how fast this time has went. And who knew 2 sisters born just 2 years apart could be so different.....and yet so alike. At this age, Charlie still needed a lot.....seriously a lot.....of help going to sleep. She needed to be rocked to sleep, which I did for naps and bedtime until she was close to a year old. Cori on the other hand WILL NOT fall asleep in your arms while nursing or rocking. She wants to be put down in her crib and left alone. Leave her alone and she is asleep rather quickly. It is nice that she is a pretty mellow baby. It gives me the opportunity to still have one-on-one time with Charlie.

She is eating up a storm and has been for awhile. There is nothing she doesn't like so far.....squash, sweet potato, applesauce, banana, pear and carrots. I'm thinking we will try avocado this week. I feel blessed that I have a couple fo good sure makes life easier.

She also has a new trick. She has turned into a spitter/bubble blower! I have no idea where she picked it up from, but she thinks she is funny when she does it! It is rather cute!

Cori spends her days rolling over, trying to sit up, talking, laughing and just watching her big sister be silly. And mom loves that she is a great nap-taker. We are usually still up once during the night to nurse, but it's all business then back to sleep. We moved her out of our room and out of the bassinet about a month ago. Both her and I are sleeping better with her in the crib in her own room.

Rolling over on Christmas Eve.

Charlie is as fiesty as ever. I'm pretty sure she argues with me just to argue.....not because she thinks I'm wrong. She is using a lot more words. Anyone who sees her often, probably thinks this isn't anything new. But, she is making a lot more full sentences and words are repeated easily. Even if you don't want her to repeat them. We went through a phase of her saying "stupid" and explaining that it was a naughty word and I didn't want her to use it anymore. Well, she is behaving but she thinks other words are naughty now. Her current favorite is telling me that "weird" is a naughty word and that I can't say it.

Opening presents from mom and dad on the 23rd. We did it early because we knew Joe would be snowplowing a bunch over Christmas (turned out to be 6 nights in a row of plowing and hauling snow).

She has also found a new love for computer learning and games. My favorite is Starfall. Charlie also likes PBS Kids. We are working on counting and the alphabet. She will count to 10 by herself. She usually skips 4 but remembers the rest in order. The alphabet comes out in any order she sees fit that day, but always starts with ABCD.

She loves to help mom in the kitchen. I think she is pretty bummed that the dishwasher seems to be working more dish washing for us girls. She was a big help with Christmas baking and loves to watch bread dough mixing. She is loving her baby sister and always wants to hold her! It's helped that Cori is getting bigger and will react to Charlie's attention.

Charlie was playing "Christmas".....and telling me not to take her picture.

We had a busy Christmas like usual, but a ton of fun. We were very blessed to get to spend time with family (and sad that we missed Christmas day at my mom's because of the weather). The girls got way too many gifts. I did manage to get a couple of them put away for later before opening them. Charlie wanted to open everything now.....her gifts.....Cori's gifts. That is one bad thing about them being close in age, Charlie still found all Cori's gifts to be fun too.....nice because they could both use them.....not nice because Charlie didn't want to share her little sister's toys with her little sister.

God bless!

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