Monday, January 4, 2010

Winter Blessings

holy experience

21. Husband being home for lunch
22. A warm home
23. Not having to leave the house on these cold days
24. Footed jammies
25. Long underwear
26. Homemade bread fresh from the oven

27. Lazy morning pancake making
28. Pure maple syrup
29. Early bedtimes
30. Sleeping in
31. Summer's provisions

32. Crockpot meals
33. A Full pantry of food to warm us body and soul
34. Time for learning
35. The sun's warmth
36. The Son's comfort
37. Flannel sheets
38. Sledding in new snow
39. A new year for new beginnings
40. Endless opportunities
41. Snoring husband beside me
44. Many chances from our Heavenly Father to meet with Him
45. God taking me serious even when I don't take Him serious
46. Vitamin D
47. Laundry rituals
48. Early morning coffee chats with my husband
49. The teachings on Faith 900 in my kitchen throughout the day
50. Dirty dishes
51. Jesus' sacrifice to wash us clean
52. Loud giggling babes
53. Loud questioning toddlers

54. Active little ones
55. A forgiving spouse
56. A forgiving Father
57. Snuggling with my nursing babe who still needs a lot of mama
58. Independent 2 year old who doesn't always need mama
59. Post-its to jot down today's list in the busyness of it all
60. A 2 year old that dresses herself (and is proud of it)

The more I spend time seeing His blessings...the less time there is to complain and grumble about the have nots and the issues of everyday. Thank you Lord for all my many blessings!
Please continue to show them to me!

God bless!

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