Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Charlie.....Cookies.....and Cuteness

Yummy, yummy cookies!

My little cookie thief.

She told me they tasted "so good!"

I think this was "Oh, another picture mom?!?"

Just normal silly goofyness around here (and maybe a bright flash).

She is growing up so fast.
She always reminds us to pray before meals...
"We can't eat, we need to pray first."
She says sweet things..."You're a good mom."...
"Good job mom."..."Dad's cool."
She says funny things... "This is messy, I'm going to organize."
She is quick to throw a fit and is stubborn when she want to be.

A couple of weeks ago, we were saying bedtime prayers and I thought we were all done and I ended with an "amen".
I was wrong. The following is what came next.

Charlie: Want to do it again, pray some more?
Mommy: Ok, what do you want to pray for now? You start.
Charlie: Jesus, thank you for Santa Claus and Happy Birthdays.
Mommy: Santa, huh? Anything else?
Mommy: Thank you for daddy and mommy and Cori. Ok, all done.

Charlie and I butt heads some days, but I couldn't imagine not spending my
days at home with my kids.
God bless!
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