Monday, February 15, 2010

Gratefulness Day by Day

holy experience

I was looking back over my Multitude Monday lists and noticed that I have already included long underwear twice.....yes I said the 130 items I have listed so far. Just shows how important such things are in a Minnesota winter. On my gratitude continues.....

131. Lent season
132. Gift on the Cross
133. Reading and praising through Psalms
134. Cookies with my little baker
135. Everyday homemaking
136. Glue and glitter projects with Charlie
137. Feeding Cori with body and soul...
138. ...milky grins that follow
139. Husband glances...
140. ...and loving touches
141. Sales on organic coffee
142. Big mugs to start the day
143. Lord's convictions and the growth that's sure to come
144. Seed catalogs and the promise of spring
145. Fresh snow for current playing
146. Little one zipping her own coat and finding her own mittens
147. Extra mittens for extra playtime
148. Rearranged rooms...
149. ...and new found space
150. Crazyness of everyday
151. God in the midst of the mess
152. Piles of dirty dishes for it means we eat well (.....and often)
153. Piles of laundry for it means we have plenty (.....and we have girls)
154. Soul revealing conversations with friends
155. Crayon drawings by little hands
156. Excited stories from little mouths
157. Hearing about dear husband's day...
158. ...really listening and connecting with him
159. Out of the blue I love you too from Charlie
160. Straight out of the camera photos

For my blessings, my trials, my pleasure, my pain.....I thank you Lord.....for all of it.....I praise your name!

God bless!
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