Monday, February 1, 2010

Morning Views

holy experience

101. Little getaway to relax and refresh
102. Quiet mornings with great views while away

103. Time to get refreshed, recharged and visit with other great women
104. Mom...who helped out at home and cared for an unhappy baby
105. Babes who still really need mama
106. My ability as mama to calm little ones
107. Early morning views out my own backdoor

108. Mid-morning views of little home office helpers

109. Great customer service while changing phone service plans last week
110. Snow...for it means income during the winter
111. Husband who never complains about odd, long hours plowing snow...
112. ...his encouraging and supportive words...
113. ...his sparkling smile and sweet touch
114. God's Word on CD
115. Organic apples and oranges
116. Clean empty kitchen sink
117. Dishwasher
118. Sparkling clean stovetop...
119. ...Mom (again) for cleaning it while I was gone
120. New promises that come with a new month

You can check out other's gratitude lists by heading over to Ann's blog. Have an enjoyable week.

God bless!
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