Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Day of Baking

We spent Friday of my favorite things and a lot of fun with a 2 year old! Joe's mom and her sisters (and some extra cousins and daughter-in-laws) get together each fall and make enough Poppy Seed Kuchens for the Thanksgiving and Christmas family get-togethers. We make 12, half for Thanksgiving and half for Christmas...enough to feed the roughly 90 people that get together. We have done the baking at my home the last few years and I love it!

Not sure when the recipe and task will be passed on to the next generation...I think it depends on which auntie you ask. As of now, it's pretty top-secret...definetly not something that gets shared outside of the family. I don't personally have a copy of the recipe they use, but could probably come close to re-creating it.

Kelly rolling dough with Charlie's help.

Poppy Seed Filling.

Sugar Crumble Topping.

Charlie was a big help and had a lot of fun.
Here, she is 'clumping' the crumb topping.

Baking takes concentration...

...and is hard work!

Just out of the oven and cooling.

It takes get a kuchen out of a pan...they are heavy.

We don't just slave away in the kitchen all day...

We chat...we have lunch...we have coffee.

We nap.

We get our eyebrows waxed.

We make sweet rolls out of the extra dough.

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