Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My Grown-Up Girl

My grown-up girl is giving timeouts (notice giving not taking) and using the toilet!

I hear Charlie talking (to herself?) in the living room and go in to see what she is doing. She has a broom on the chair and is talking to it. I overhear...in timeout, hitting me naughty, stay here. I couldn't help but laugh. Apparently, the broom hit her (she hit herself with it?) and a timeout was necessary.

Not sure if it will help, but I took the opportunity to point out how nicely the broom was 'taking' its timeout and staying put and that she should do the same next time she ends up in timeout. We will see, I'm sure we will have another chance to test both mom and Charlie on the art of a proper timeout!

She is doing it! Charlie has been in underwear since last Thursday. It is going pretty well...still having accidents but overall ok to deal with. Afternoons are going better than mornings...maybe just that the more times she goes during the day the more she remembers that she needs to get there in time. Bribery is working sort of. Last week she was all happy that she got to call daddy during the day after she successfully peed in the toilet. Chocolate worked yesterday. She got a hershey kiss in the morning after peeing. Then later in the day, when she had a BM in the toilet, she tells me...I get chocolate, not small one, big one daddy got at store (Joe had gotten a bunch of Halloween candy...so she knew there was bigger pieces of chocolate in the house).

Off to get some things done...busy rest of the week...our anniversary tomorrow, Bible Study on Thursday, Poppy Kuchen making with Joe's aunties, mom, and cousins on Friday, and Neaton girls getting together on Saturday to meet the newest baby, Audrey Jean.
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