Saturday, November 14, 2009

Silly...Sweet...Sassy Charlie

I love this little girl's eyes...

...and her expressions in general!

Knock on wood...Charlie has this toilet training all figured out. She has even been dry the last 2 mornings after having a diaper on for overnight. And even before bedtime with a diaper on she will tell you she needs to go. Do I dare get rid of the diapers all together? I'm thinking so...or is that the lack of sleep talking!?!

She is so dang funny, too! The things she says just crack me up! Yesterday, we were in the bathroom washing hands and she asks about Joe's fast orange soap that is on the counter.

Charlie - "Whered you get it?"
Me - "Target, I think."
Charlie - "On sale!?!"

I do really like getting a deal and I love Target...and apparently I talk about my deal snagging pretty often. Her excited tone when she asked was just priceless!

Earlier today, she had a little gas and I asked her if she tooted. Her reply - "It's stinky too!"

I love that her face is always a little a lot dirty...

...and I love her eyes...did I mention that already?

Have I told you how observant she is. I have told numerous people...don't every tell her something you don't want her to remember, to know or to repeat.

For example, I was sitting on the couch nursing Cori and Charlie grabbed her 'baby' and said she needed to feed her baby too. She crawled up on the couch, lift her shirt and began 'nursing' her baby. Very quickly she got up with her baby still in the nursing position and says - "The phone is ringing. I get it." She has seen me more than once get up while still nursing and answer the phone.

Oh and to hear her pray at is the sweetest thing and a great end to the day! We usually start out with thanking God for the day and for daddy, etc and go from there. She usually rattles out a laundry lists of sorts when you ask who else we should pray for...Travis and Wade, Abby, auntie Jessi, grandma and grandpa, Megan and Maddie, and Jason and Justin and...the list goes on and on!

...and those curls...who won't love those curls!

Oh how the Lord has blessed me! I love you Charlie bean!
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